“Burgerac is an ex-burger blogger who knew what he was talking about when he was writing about burgers, and knows exactly what he's doing now he's making them. 8/10.” Chris Pople, Cheese and Biscuits

“A laid-back joint where high quality burgers and good times reign supreme.”
Karen Day, Cool Hunting

“Had a cracking cheeseburger at Burgershack residency at The Royal Oak. The fried mustard double [Hubba Hubba] was king.
Giles Coren

9/10. London's Best Burgers

“A sort of burger temple.”
We The Food Snobs

“Another week, another burger pop-up. But this one's different: Burgershack is set up by burger blogger / patty obsessive Burgerac and offers a well-executed menu.” 

If you’re a true burger fan you’ll know all about the brilliant Burgerac blog. Now the man behind London’s best guide has started his own burger-serving project.
Victoria Stewart, Evening Standard

"Burgershack's residency at The Royal Oak pub in Marylebone was such a stonking success it was made permanent. And now it's invading The Social on Little Portland Street..."
Mr Hyde

“It's perfection, quality, class. I'm basking, man, really, really basking in the beauty of this one. For me, this is what I live for.”
Big Lew, Burger Gang Or Die

“Send a note round to the crew immediately, book a table and get together for a meat up!
Rosie, The Londoner

“With the relentlessly groovy Burgerac spinning juicy burgers at Burgershack, the world is a better place.”
Daniel Young, BurgerMonday

“One of my top burgers EVER, no contest. And those Chilli Cheese Fries... you have never had Chilli Cheese Fries until you sample the ones at Burgershack!”

“Wing-a-ding-ding, Burgershack serves some of the best damn wings I've had in this town.”

“Amazeballs: these pulled pork orbs deserve their name.” Evening Standard

“5 star cheeseburger. Awesome.”
Carl Clarke, DiscoBistro / Chick'n'Sours

“F**king Esttttttttupendo! Get your asses down… burgers & sides were all boooom ting!”
Joe Grossman, Patty & Bun

“Burger excellence.”
Bleecker St Burger

“Sweet-ass burgers with excellent music.

“Class burgers.”

“Great burgers, great vibes.”