Burgerac's Burgershack is the brainchild of London blogger-turned burger flipper, Burgerac. Originally resident for the best part of four years in The Royal Oak pub in Marylebone, the Burgerac's Burgershack team is currently in-between residencies working on some consultancy and food development projects.

With two awesome burgers at its heart, the Burgerac's Burgershack menu grew to include winning dishes such as Buttermilk fried chicken, slow braised beef shin chilli, cheese and chilli croquettes and "amazeballs" of deep fried pulled pork shoulder. Our food has drawn praise from the likes of the Evening Standard, Shortlist, Cool Hunting, Chris Pople, London’s Best Burgers, and Giles Coren. 

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Please note that Burgerac's Burgershack is an independent company that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any other business with the words "burger" and or "shack" in its name.