After a nine month hiatus, London's burger blogger-turned burger flipper, Burgerac, is bringing his much-lauded Burgershack food offer back to The Royal Oak pub in Marylebone for a nine week pop-up – now extended up to Spring 2018.

The pop-up will see the return of Burgershack favourites the Hubba Hubba (bigged up on Twitter by Giles Coren, no less), the signature Burgershack burger and the delicious Chickenshack – plus the addition of a mushroom cheeseburger and a tip-top fish finger bun. Legendary sides Amazeballs and Chilli Poppers will also be making a comeback – as will regular off-menu specials.

As before, Burgerac will be getting his aged chuck, brisket, rib cap and bone marrow burger blend from Nathan Mills at The Butchery – and using not one but three different burger buns across his menu to ensure each burger is totally brilliant.

The menu will be added to the site asap!


Please note that Burgerac's Burgershack is an independent company that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any other business with the words "burger" and or "shack" in its name.